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Sharp solar academy

A free community service provided by Sharp Electronics of Canada Ltd. The Sharp Solar Academy was designed with elementary school curriculum in mind and is solely dedicated to introducing grade 4 & 5 students to climate change and solar energy.


Program highlights include:
A 40 minute interactive PowerPoint presentation covering many interconnecting subjects such as:

  • the cause and effects of greenhouse gases
  • climate change and its effects on people and nature
  • basics of energy sources with a focus on solar energy
  • ideas on everyday activities that will help the environment
    • Interactive experiments involving electricity
    • Solar power demonstrations
    • Q&A session
    • Workbook containing fun activities

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to introduce our program in person. This 15 minute session will allow you to evaluate the content of our presentation and determine if it complements the environmental and energy sections of the curriculum.


Eddie Colacchio
Environmental Affairs Manager
905-890-2100 ext. 7491

Barbara Hagan
Assistant to the President
905-890-2100 ext. 7222

To learn about climate change, energy choices and what you can do to help the planet, visit Sharp Solar Academy