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Product FAQs

Have a question? It’s probably been asked before. Access answers to frequently asked questions about product operation, troubleshooting, and more. Just enter the product category below.

For your convenience please see our most frequently asked questions below.

For additional assistance, please consult the owner’s manual of your AQUOS® TV or contact our AQUOS Advantage Advisors at
1-877-278-6709 or
AQUOS Advantage Advisors are available to assist you Mon. - Fri., 7am - 9pm Central Time and Sat., Sun. and Holidays 9am - 7pm Central Time.

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Why can't I access the total remaining time on my CD?

If you select the random playback mode, you cannot access the display for remaining time.

Why can't I play CD-R or CD-RW discs if my unit has this feature?

Some discs may not play due to the state of the disc or the device that was used to record the CD.

Why can't I select a CD track with the direct buttons on my remote control?

When you select random or programmed playback, you will not be able to select a track with the direct buttons on your remote.

Why does my CD player skip when playing CDs?

It may mean that the lens inside the unit is dirty. We recommend using a dry CD lens cleaner to clean the unit. If you still experience a problem, please call us at 905-568-7140.

Why does my unit show "ERR" in the display when I attempt to play a CD?

Try cleaning the lens on the unit first with a dry CD lens cleaner. If that does not work, please take the unit to a Sharp authorized servicer for evaluation. Visit the Service Locator section of this website.

Why don't my buttons respond when I press them on my audio system?

We suggest setting the unit to the power stand-by mode and then turning it back on.

Why is my unit not recording from the CD to tape?

Verify that the tape is in the correct tape compartment for recording. Usually, it is Tape 2. Please see "Recording from the built-in CD player" located in the "Recording" section of your operational manual for more information.

Should I turn on the Automatic Update feature on my new AQUOS® LED 830 Series TV?

Yes - Sharp releases firmware updates that include new features as well as enhancements that improve product performance.

You can use the following steps to activate the AUTOMATIC UPDATE feature on your TV to make the process more convenient:

  1. With the TV on, press MENU on the remote control.
  2. Using the left / right arrow buttons on your remote, select INFORMATION and press ENTER on your remote.
  3. Using the down arrow button on your remote, select SOFTWARE UPDATE and press ENTER.
  4. Using the down arrow button on your remote, select AUTO UPDATE SETTING and press ENTER.
  5. Using the up / down arrow buttons on the remote, select YES and press ENTER.
    Confirm that the Auto Update Setting is set to YES on the highlighted display.
  6. Press EXIT on the remote control.

By enabling the AUTO UPDATE feature, the TV will automatically search for the latest firmware update when the TV is powered on.  If a newer version is found, it will ask if you would like to download and install the update.

Should I update the software/firmware in my AQUOS® TV each time a new update is available?

New software/firmware updates are only recommended when your set is performing in an uncharacteristic manner. For more information on updating your AQUOS TV, please contact 905-568-7140 or

Does Sharp have owner manuals available in CD-ROM format?
Presently, Sharp is not producing owner manuals in CD-ROM format. Manuals are available for download in our Customer Support, Product Downloads section. You can either search by model number (left hand side of page) or search by category (right hand side of page).