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What is the superiority of PCI compared to other direct air purification technologies?

Plasmacluster Ions are the same as ions that exist in nature. They turn into OH radicals through a chemical reaction on the surface of airborne harmful substances. These OH radicals decompose and eliminate harmful substances. This is a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind technology.

Is the technology patented?


Which can sterilize more effectively: a filter or Plasmacluster Ions?

It is not easy to compare the two because they purify the air in different ways. As for filters, only entrapped bacteria can be removed from the air. On the other hand, Plasmacluster Ions can kill bacteria floating in the air, including those in areas that filters cannot reach.

I am not getting any AM stations on my unit.

Check to see if the AM Loop antenna that comes supplied with the stereo has been attached.

My stereo is connected to another source and I cannot get sound.
  • Check the connections on the source to make sure they are connected correctly by the color on the audio output jacks.
  • Make sure the correct color connections are connected to an available input jack on the stereo.
  • Select the correct input mode on the stereo to get sound.
My unit is showing "3-Disc Changer" in the display and I am unable to clear it off.

This would indicate that the unit is in the Demonstration mode. To remove it, press the "Demo" button located on the front of the unit.

The tuning up and down buttons on my remote control do not work.

These buttons will only work if you have already preset the stations into the unit's memory. Please see "Preset Tuning" located in the "Tuner Operation" section of your instruction manual.

What can I do if my audio system is malfunctioning and not operating correctly?

We suggest unplugging the unit and then plugging it back into the wall outlet. If the problem still exists, we suggest clearing the memory by resetting the unit.

What caused my audio unit to lose the current time and timer settings?

If there is a momentary loss in power or power failure, the unit will lose the time. You will need to reset the clock.

Why am I getting a "CD No Disc" error message when trying to play a CD?

Try reloading the CD.