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Find easy to understand definitions for terminology so Sharp product features and Sharp benefits are clear to you. Click below on the first letter of the word you want defined.

Variable Audio Output (VAO)

Enables you to connect TV to stereo and operate the volume with the TV's remote. The TV speaker can be turned off so that the sound can be enjoyed from your stereo's speakers.


This electronic blocking device lets you control programming to prevent viewing of questionable content. Programs can be screened according to age and content based ratings through the easy-to-use on screen display.

Vyper Drive Game Mode

Sharp’s built-in technology that eliminates perceptible video lag that may occur due to the electronic transition time between the game console and the game’s display on the TV.


The Evolution of AQUOS TV

Sharp technology
Best Ultra HD TV of 2014 engadget best of CES finalist

Winner. Best Ultra HD
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