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Find easy to understand definitions for terminology so Sharp product features and Sharp benefits are clear to you. Click below on the first letter of the word you want defined.

General Illumination

See General Lighting.

General Lighting

Lighting designed to provide uniform illumination of an area.


Any brightness that annoys, distracts or reduces visibility caused by either direct or indirect viewing of a light source.

GLU (Guest Look Up)

This guest check system differs from a PBLU in that the GLU file holds an itemization of all registrations on the balance, while PBLU retains only the amount owed at the time of service on an ECR/POS system.

Graphical Device Interface (GDI)

Allows the copier to become a printer.

Gray Scales

The reproduction of the shades of gray. This feature is used when transmitting photographs or materials using the halftone feature.


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