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Sharp Canada joins arms with Earth Day Canada to help battle environmental crisis!
Environmental crisis remains persistent. Our daily actions pollute and degrade the fragile environment that humans and wildlife depend on to survive. Sharp Electronics of Canada Ltd. has joined arms with Earth Day Canada (EDC) to do their part in helping to improve the current conditions of the environment.

Earth Day Canada (EDC) is a national environmental communications organization mandated to improve the state of the environment by empowering Canadians to achieve local solutions. Since 1991, EDC has been coordinating Earth Day/Earth Month events, and creating successful community programs and award-winning artistic and media projects. For more information, please visit

Earth Day Canada

Earth Day 


EcoMentors is an innovative and dynamic program which matches high school students with elementary school classes or environmental clubs to assist in teaching environmental education. By working together, both groups of students can turn their ideas into action by participating in relevant environmental activities in their community and explore and express their ideas and viewpoints with regard to human-environmental interactions.

By participating in ecoMentors, everybody wins. High school students gain valuable work experience, explore their career interests and fulfill their co-op course requirements; elementary students benefit from having an energetic, enthusiastic mentor to provide guidance, input and assistance in their exploration of environmental topics; teachers appreciate the assistance with their busy teaching schedule.

Sharp Canada is proud to be a sponsor of the EcoMentors program coordinated through Earth Day Canada. This program equips young Canadians with the knowledge and skills necessary to do their part in working towards a Sustainable Environment. For more information, visit


Earth Day 



Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

Sharp Canada and our employees have engaged in a partnership with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority to assist in their conservation efforts. This three year initiative provides us with the opportunity to reforest a significant part of the Etobicoke Creek watershed, building upon a bi-annual ecological effort while providing hands on environmental support within our local community.

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TCRA) works with partners to ensure the Toronto urban region is built on a natural foundation of healthy rivers and shorelines, greenspace and biodiversity, and sustainable communities. For more information, visit

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