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Sharp LCD

Sharp brought the world its first Liquid Crystal Television (LCD TV) in 2001, introducing its flagship AQUOS brand and cementing itself as the leader in LCD technology. AQUOS came to Canada in 2002 with an LCD flat panel, combining ground-breaking and space-saving design with superior picture quality and low power consumption.

Sharp continues to lead the industry with technological innovations and improvements to push boundaries and heighten the experience of the television viewer. AQUOS TVs deliver more life-like images and drama than ever before. Watch a favourite movie just as the director originally intended on Sharp's latest top-of-the-line widescreen AQUOS LCD TVs. The 16:9 industry standard format for HDTV programming allows viewers to experience TV that is more cinematic in content and presentation. And with screen sizes ranging from 32" to 80", AQUOS offers the most elegant, cutting-edge flat panel televisions available for use in every room.

A History of Innovation